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It is our goal at URL Sharpener.com to provide a user friendly, intuitive, FREE service to both the personal and professional user alike. We offer the ability to not only quickly and easily shorten your links, but tools as well, to maximize the potential of your online content.

By registering for your free account today, you will gain access to a variety of extra functions FREE!


World Wide Stats Counter

World Wide Stats Counter - UrlSharpener

Be in the know by tracking the activity of your links, WORLD WIDE. The easy to use graphical interface and REAL TIME activity log are accessible straight from your dashboard. There you can easily see how often your link has been clicked, as well as where and when it was clicked, globally.



Bunble your URLS - URL SharpenerYour time is valuable, and so is your content. Get organized through the use of our personalized bundling system. Quickly, and efficiently manage your multiple links, saving you time, effort and freeing you up to focus on other tasks.


Password Protect

Password Protect your URLs with URL SharpenerNeed security for your personal or more sensitive URLs? Password protect those private links, allowing only those you choose to access them, and giving you more control over how your content is shared.


Splash Page

Setup a free Splash page! URL SharpenerRepresent with a custom splash page which acts as a transition between your shortened URL link and your site. here you may add a banner, avatar and descprition of your product, service or content. Your may have up to 5 splash pages per account.


Add a Description

Add a Description to a Shortened URL - URL SharpenerTired of clicking through your URL's trying to remember where each one leads? Add a description to them to quickly and easily identify the purpose of each link. As with our bundling option, it is another, effective way to increase organization and free up your time to focus on what is really important.


Custom Alias

Custom Alias for your URLs - FREE Url SharpenerTurn this   http://urlsharpener.com/QMDXu  into this http://urlsharpener.com/ButterChickenRecipe  by adding a custom alias to your shortened URL, giving your link more credibility and allowing your audience to see what they are clicking on.


Free of Charge

Free of Charge Service with limited ads! URL Sharpener

By signing up for your free account, you can easily and securely start sharing your content with the world. Worry free. Hassle free. Ad free.

Register for your free account with URL Sharpener today, and see for yourself what user friendly really  looks like.

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